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XsDesktop?! Another web 2.0 application or a platform for the future!? We believe the last!

By default XsDesktop offers a range of practical and administrative applications. Integration with your files in other environments. Build your own applications that can run in the XsDesktop environment. Share data and applications with others. These are some examples of the possibilities of the XsDesktop environment.

XsDesktop consists basically of two parts: the framework and the applications. The framework is the general, business independent, part of the system. It provides a solid API (application programming interface) for the application that run within XsDesktop. The applications are making the generic platform a useful one, enabling you to optimize your (business) processes. One serie of applications is mentioned in particular: the Office applications offer you a way to organize your business easily and from any location with access to internet.


XsDesktop is available in the following languages: