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External (online) storage providers can be integrated in XsDesktop. Do you have files somewhere else on the web or on your own server? Make them easily available in XsDesktop!

Mainwindow Storagemanager

Only the owner of a shared account can manage the storages. Adding, deleting and setting the rights for the users that login to the shared account. The name is used to identify the storage server-side and login to the storage using the correct logindata. So username and password only leave the server for managing purposes by the owner of the account, not when a guestuser browses the storages. The applications only use paths for pointing to files (for example: "office://relations/customer/quote.doc").

The following external storages are currently supported:

Name Secure Protocol Remarks
Generic protocols      
Storage on your own server using this toolkit (v1.2) Optional HTTP(S)
  • Secure if linked to an url with SSL;
File Transfer Protocol No FTP  
Web-based Distributed Authoring and Versioning (WebDAV) Optional HTTP(S)
  • Secure if linked to an url with SSL;
  • Authentication through 'Basic'-authentication;
  • Samples
Specific providers      
Adobe Share Yes HTTPS
  • Some filetypes are not allowed;
  • You can organize your files in directories but not all services from Adobe support directories;
.docstoc No HTTP
  • Beta (their API might have some changes in the near future);
  • Login is secured by using encryption (SSL);
  • Renaming files is not possible.
Dropbox Yes HTTPS
  • Connecting based on authorization keys (can be collected using the extra application: Start > Settings > Storage tools > Dropbox authorization).
FilesAnywhere Yes HTTPS  
Google Docs Yes HTTPS
  • Limited filetype support (doc, txt, xls, csv, etc.);
  • Tip: changing extension is conversion (doc->pdf, txt->doc, etc.);
Google Picasa No HTTP
  • Authentication using a secure connection (HTTPS);
  • Limited filetype support (jpg, jpeg, gif, png en bmp);
  • Renaming files and directories is not (yet) possible.
SugarSync Yes HTTPS
  • Beta (Quote: "We're not kidding when we call the current API a beta");
Windows Azure Blob Service Yes HTTPS
  • Use the 'Primary Access Key' as password;
  • Storing files in the root and nested directories are not possible.
Wuala No HTTP
  • Beta (Quote: "The Wuala API is still in a very early development stage");
  • Read-only (API does not support any other form of management).
Zoho Yes HTTPS
  • No support for directories;
  • Renaming presentations (show) is not possible;
  • Tip: changing extension is conversion (doc->pdf, txt->doc, xls->csv, etc.);
XsDesktop Repository    
  • Storage with documentation and examples on how to use XsDesktop and get the most out of it.

In the future more storage types will follow. If you want to integrate a not yet supported online storage in your XsDesktop environment do not hesitate to contact us to see if the online storage can be integrated.


After one or more storages are added, they can be browsed with the Filemanager. Depending on your rights you can create directories, upload and download files, delete and rename directories and files. Beside that, files can be moved or copied to places, even across storages. All basic tasks for managing your files!