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XsDesktop is build as multi-user environment, an environment where multiple people can work using the same data.

Sharing an account

You can logon to a single account with as many people as you like (depending on your license). Everybody needs their own XsDesktop-account and with that, they can logon to the shared account, like a company-account. The owner of the shared account can give permissions to logon to other accounts, so only those who have been given access by the owner of the shared account can access the shared account. The permissions are managed by giving roles to the accounts that are allowed to logon. Based on these roles they have permissions to use certain functionality within the applications. The following roles are available:

Example: for your (financial) administration you have created a XsDesktop account for your company. At your office, some employees have to register their spend hours and an accountant has to send some invoices and add expenses. The employees can be given a low role with only the right to do some time registration, the accountant could get a higher role that also has the right to manage the invoices and expenses. Finally, you, as the owner of the account, are in control of it all and able to check everything.


Concurrency is handled by keeping track of versions. Making it impossible to overwrite someones changes without notice.