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Marjot MultiSoft

Marjot MultiSoft is a company from The Netherlands. Since the year 2000 we are developing software in a wide range but always with the user in mind. Since a few years we are focussing a lot of our resources on developing online applications with XsDesktop as 'masterpiece'. One environment for organizing your business!


We believe that people prefer having one environment. One environment they are familiar with and they know where they can find what they need. Not just the address on the web but the whole look-and-feel of the environment.

Beside the familiar environment we also want the applications that run within XsDesktop to be as easy to use and intuitive as possible but also add all the functionality you need. By making the functionality you need very often as accessible as possible and hiding the other functionality in menu's one more click away.


Feel free to contact us about anything. We'll try to reply as soon as possible with the answer to your questions! You can contact us as

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