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Security is very important when dealing with your business information. Personal data, customer data and financial data are not ment to be out on the street because of their value for managing your business.


Obviously your data is behind a login. The password of your choice partially determines the safety of your data. Within XsDesktop your password is not known, only you know your password. To prevent brute-force attacks, your account is blocked for 30 minutes after three erroneous login attempts. In case you forgot your password, you can request a new one using the combination of your username and e-mailadres (the one entered when creating the account).


In case you use the XsDesktop environment in a multi-user way, you can increase the security of your data by assigning accounts the right roles and rights (never more than needed).


The site you work on is secured using a certificate (TLS/SSL) and can be found at All communication between our servers and your computer, PDA and other devices is encoded and therefor unreadable to others on the web.


Beside safe transport of your data across the internet, we also make automated daily backups (encrypted and password protected) of the data and copy that through a secure line to the redundant servers of Amazon S3 to prevent dataloss in case of disasters like fire in the datacenter.